About Us

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to continue the Summertime, Nubble Tradition of scooping our Awesome Maine Made Ice Cream for children of all ages.dunnes_full_480

Where did this ice cream business come from?

In 1967 Byron and Betty Brown started a little business called “Brown’s Ice Cream” and began the tradition of ice cream on the Nubble as the quintessential part of a Maine vacation. In 1992, Steve Dunne leased the building from the Browns and continued to operate the stand under that name, while maintaining ownership of the business. Steve Dunne loves being the “ice cream man.”

Why the new building?

We wanted to guarantee ice cream on the Nubble is here to stay. Being a “destination” is also very special to us. We knew from talking to our customers that handicapped accessibility, public bathrooms and comfortable seating were extremely important in supporting the needs of our visitors. After researching many possibilities, the best option was to build a new Ice Cream Stand on our own land.

Why did you change the name?

The dedication and commitment to the business are ours, so we felt the name should be too. While we are tremendously grateful to the Brown family for many years of leasing their special building to us, now that we own both the building and the business it just made more sense to call it Dunne’s. It was also to honor our family and the efforts made by everyone over the years to help make us successful.



Good to Know


  • Walk-Ins Welcome
  • Great For Groups
  • Great For Kids of All Ages

  • Great for Take Out
  • Outdoor Seating Available
  • Cash Only Please

  • ATM Available
  • Parking Lot on Premises
  • Additional Parking Lot at the Bottom of the Hill